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28 Jun 2015
Clowns, folks appreciate them or they hate them, almost certainly going back to their childhood when the clowns laughed in their face. Either way, drawing them can be a challenge to attempt and drop the frequent sinister appeal of those common children's entertainers, so here we'll be going via drawing a clown step by step by means of an article's words.

Clowns typically are colourful, but loads of their design and style tries to appeal to a specific age group, so initially we need to assess no matter if our clown is going to be the standard brief and fat spectacle de marionnettes or a tall and thin clown. Either can be drawn to scale, as soon as you've decided around the visualisation in your mind of how you would like the clown to look, you ca start to draw a circle for the head with shoulders and commence to sketch within the other locations just like the arms and legs; but not in detail, just in rough draft.

Now after we've the basic figure mapped out in sketched out format, we are able to continue on with adding some form to this clown. By going back towards the legs and making sure they appear strong, like they would make the clown stand up as well as we can operate around the arms as well to complete exactly the same point, once these are completed we are able to go back and begin to draw in some detail towards the clowns face, like some clown make up, together with the usual line around the mouth plus a few around the eyes; and yes give it s daft curly wig as well to produce it look authentic.

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The last step is bringing all of the drawing collectively by dressing it up and creating the clown put on baggy trousers and a really loose fitting jacket and make your clown smile.

Wayne Tully an artist of fantasy art and just about any art, he writes and draws lots of drawing tutorials and creates plenty of fantasy drawings and art.


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