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21 Sep 2015
We've all procrastinated on something at one time or another. We've put off finishing a project, coping with a friend who continues self-destructive behavior, or taking a class to enhance ourselves.


Fundamentally procrastination is an action, a choice to embrace delay. It's a decision that someone makes, consciously or subconsciously, to delay taking a different action due to a question, concern or underlying worry of the delayed action or its consequences.

For confident there are tons of books and articles that examine procrastination, its causes and techniques to disable it prior to it absolutely disables you.

But what does which have to complete with my marketing my Home Care Agency?

Procrastination- #1 Enemy of Marketing

Well your marketing is made to compel the prospects, for instance busy professionals that are accountable for the care of their elderly parents, to take action, for example to book a in-home assessment, order a no cost report about elder care or attend a seminar or workshop. And delay could be the enemy of that action.

All as well usually the prospects, although intrigued initially, then pause ahead of taking action and begins to listen to their internal tapes which tell them stories about why delaying action is definitely the proper course. Although listening to those internal tapes it is actually easy to convince oneself that procrastination is justified or that delaying is no issue at all.

Methods to Combat Procrastination

The only strategy to beat that #1 enemy of the marketing, procrastination, is always to meet it eye-to-eye in your marketing. Let your prospects understand that they're going to be tempted to procrastinate and what they'll shed if they do. Face the enemy and he are going to be yours.

Let's appear at these 3 strategies which have been established to function to conquer procrastination for clues on how we can support our marketing face that "delay" enemy.

1. Reframe limiting attitudes. In your marketing help the prospects determine what they desire to accomplish and why. But go further by assisting them definitely knowledge the "what and why" of what you'd like them to accomplish. Here is exactly where emotional appeal is usually a excellent support. You are going to go a lengthy way to stopping procrastination in its tracks whenever you lead your prospects through the feelings that will drive them to action. Home Care Agencies ought to appeal for the emotional drivers of their prospects. In marketing a service for example personal hygiene care present the service as a solution to assist your prospects elder mother feel a lot more like a lady once more.

2. Stop the Stories in their tracts- You know the stories which might be getting played inside the prospect's head. Stories like, "I am not ready for it," "It's just as well tough," "If I don't contemplate it, it can go away" and so forth. Most effective to confront those stories head on inside your marketing just before they torpedo you later. Home Care Agencies need to have to create it clear to its prospects that they are ready for the service if they're even just thinking about it.

3. Do not make the activity larger than life- realistically communicate the time commitment that your marketing Call To Action needs in order that the prospect can match it into their busy life. Emphasize that your Shelly Sun you make the intake and assessment uncomplicated and simple.

Each and every time I hear of procrastination, I feel of Walt Kelly's Pogo comic strip quote, "We have met the enemy and it can be us!" So don't procrastinate arming your marketing to battle the #1 enemy of marketing, procrastination.

Recall your home care agency has a lot to offer and can make a difference within the lives with the elderly.

Because the founder and CEO of Subsequent Level Company Development Mike aids business men and women develop superior businesses. His specialty is the sales and marketing hat that countless leaders of mid-market organizations come across just does not match.


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